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Instantly connect to the web 

wireless radio internet

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6G Wi-Fi

"HiFi Nearby is soft eco-friendly radio" 

Internet access is wireless for everyone

 (over universal radio “Wi-Fi” stations)

 easily connecting mobile smartphones, ipads/,ipods, laptops, (that all have built in Wi-Fi) and all the other new

 “Internet Of Things” wireless devices to our

HiFi Nearby ™ Wi-Fi 6 radio network.  


Internet Of People

"Privacy and Security are built-in"  

Be yourself!

 Your data, your choice!

You are in the drivers seat

Fair Trade Price

$10 monthly service plans

HIFI Service Plans

Data plan

HiFi Nearby ™ wireless internet

byod (bring your own device)

$10 Month

Phone plan

HiFi Nearby ™ private mobile number

byod (no sim card required)

$10 Month

Game plan

 HIFIDELITY ™ mobile retail

cyod (connect your own devices)

$10 Month

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